Thursday, July 21, 2011

365 days later....

Hill Family Adventures:

So it was official my husband actually made it an entire 365 days with me. It was our one year anniversery on June 30th and I had to work... Bummer. My husband had the day off and he was adorable, I recieved a beautiful bouqet of flowers at work and all my coworkers were jealous (they asked if Chad would give training lessons to their spouses). We celebrated that weekend by going down to Seward for the 4th of July weekend, I wanted to go Halibut fishing and Chad had booked us a charter. we got up super early in the morning Chad having packed the suberau the night before with pepsi and PB M&Ms and started to drive south. Sweet! we were packed and we hit the road, on the way down we stopped on a car lot to look cars (it was chad's anniversery too after all) and then our next stop was the ocean just outside of Anchorage. What a beautiful site to see...We even found a few small fish tails I could snack on....

after that our next stop was to check out some of the wildlife.... think we got close enough to these guys? we could smell their breath ...kinda stinks!

when we left chad and I were planning on enjoying our time in Seward sleeping in the car and adventuring during the day, lucky for us when we checked in at the military resort they had a Yurt available for us. once we dropped our gear off we explored the town and even tried some ocean salmon fishing. *note about this* I only brought flip flops so I recieved a piggy back out to the ocean to try our hand at fishing... no luck unfortunately. the next day was also an early rise as we hurried up only to be the last ones heading out on a boat, Chad and I both caught our limit on Halibut (2 small ones each- I was the last person to catch a fish and unfortunately no one got anything big). After that we tried our hand at salmon fishing where together we caught 4 silvers :D what a fun day! after we got back it was time to clean and freeze our catch... not much fun but I sure got my hands dirty!

and then I washed my hands about a billion and one times :)

Next day was a trip down to Homer just to see what was there, we enjoyed fabulous weather and even checked out some places as possible vacation homes (you know if we suddenly inherit a million dollars :D). back to Seward to enjoy fireworks in the bay!
On the way home the next day I was a silly girl and allowed my husband to stop at the car lot again.... so when we left (3 1/2 hours later...) we were in a different car. check out our new fuel efficient diesel car....
we made it back to North Pole and still had 1/2 a tank! awesome (we are getting 40mpg!)

our castle...then

fool me once...
So we bought a house. A beautiful house. With a red door and tan wood siding (yes evelyn you were right it is definately NOT blue). The couple we bought it from were sweet, they were nice, they were motivated (silly me I thought they were motivated because the military was moving them). And I thought that this would be a beautiful castle for me and my husband to build our future....
and then we closed on the house and we didn't do a final walk through... stupid us. and the day came for the prince and princess to move into their new castle. but there was a problem- the residents that lived there before forgot to give them a key and then disconnected their cellphone... awesome yes?
well we got into the house, our wonderful castle that "supposedly" had been cleaned and carpets shampooed but what did we find? a very messy house, with patch work walls, blackened doors, nasty floors, and a fridge with drippy unidentifiable things in it.
so the princess became a maiden, rolled up her sleeves and scrubbed and wiped and bleached, she windexed mirrors and windows, vacumned floors and dusted blinds and it only took three days for her to believe that she could sit on the toilet, put her own food in the fridge and sleep in the bedroom... she still won't be going into the garage, that is the princes' domain- there is dust and possible little fury things living there or maybe just eight legged things but either way she is not going in :D

Monday, May 9, 2011

lost time

Slacker slacker slacker. I knew I wouldn’t be any good at this blogging thing. But I do want to give a life update for the benefit of myself. Chad and I are waiting to move out of our apartment (two weeks 3 days and 11 hours but who is counting?) until the current occupants should move out and we can move in. Happy face! I have my motorcycle license and am looking to upgrade from my 250 because I’m tired of "put put putting" behind my husband on his Victory. Chad is taking a class to become a MSF instructor for the air force which means we have been sleeping in the same bed and will get to for 2 wks -now if only I could train him not to steal the covers? Oh well, I usually only have him 4 nights at time so I suppose I can share the covers if it means I get to keep him. I just got back from a visit to Utah where I was able to spend time w/ family and friends it only took me an extra 12 hours to get home- gotta love airlines. Chad and I had to run up to Eilson on Friday and l saw green grass which proves that Fairbanks will be beautiful again …I hope :D.... more later I have to take a call

Saturday, March 12, 2011

cigarrettes, sleepovers and love

I live in an apartment. when I moved in I had GREAT neighbors ...sister missionaries -loved them! now I have a few young army kids ...not so great. I think for some reason young military kids belive that in order to be "unbreakable" they have to smoke. I'm really not sure where this idea started but I notice a lot of the young military members believe in and follow this 'rule', and thats fine you can put whatever kind of toxins in your body you want, I fill mine w/ ice cream, pepsi and this time of year Reeses Peanut Butter Eggs (you know the flat ones in the yellow bag that are just too good to resist) so I have no room to judge. however being in an apartment w/ a shared wall/vent system has given me the lovely opportunity to share my neighbors toxins. which is no fun. For me it triggers my asthma and makes me sick but it also makes me Love my husband just a little bit more. See one night as we went to bed it got really bad, like you can see smoke in our bathroom bad, and my husband/super hero decided it was time for a sleepover, he dragged our mattress and bedding out to the living room turned on the vents/fans, shut the doors, lit fragrance candles and had a sleepover w/ me (isn't he wonderful)! Rather than allow his wife to be distressed by the messy state of our apartment or the smoky haze in our bathroom, he turned it into a big adventure. The next day after work we continued the sleepover ordered pizza a watched movies, in fact we did it through his whole break (I'm happy to say no company came over but if they had we would've had plenty of seating).

Sunday, February 20, 2011

blogging in the night

so apparently blogging is the in thing. cooler than myspace, better than facebook, why bother with e-mail when you can blog?
being as I usually have three or so nights by myself a week I figure better to blog than watch what passes as entertaining on television. I don't know what kind of reality the rest of you have but mine sure isn't 'jerseylicious'. Besides hopefully typing will keep my hands to busy to reach into that bag of chocolate chips sitting next to me (personal vice- I love all things chocolate) and also away from a certain carton of ice cream in the freezer that sure would taste good right about now. I'm always amazed at how many of my bad habits sneak out to play when its late at night. especially when my husband is gone, I can stay up all night reading a novel, playing scrabble on my iphone or texting friends in other time zones. But if my man is home I seem to just snuggle right in to him and drift off early. I've only done this married thing for 7+ some months and I wonder if its crazy; this split personality I seem to have... do all women secretly give in to guilty pleasures like staying up late just to finish a novel, dance in the living room or not do the dishes for the night cause who really is going to notice when their spouse is away? Maybe its something I should see a professional about.... any opinions? Hey look at me I'm blogging now too, aren't I so cool?